Snow Retreat

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The Blind Man

Here is one last shot from CO.

As we were driving one day we saw this:

Um….Alright. We backed away from his vehicle at that point.

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Colorado Trip – Part Two

So it has taken me way to long to finish documenting this trip! Here are some shots from one of my favorite days on the trip, we went to a castle that the Navigators (the same ones who put Bibles in hotels nightstands) bought as their headquarters. It was a really awesome place!

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Colorado Trip – Part One

Well, I started to write this post in February! Time really flies! I went to visit my friend Aim, who lives in Colorado, in January. We had a relly great time together, it was really awesome being able to talk to her face to face after being apart for so long. Here are some highlights from the week.

We went to the Colorado Springs Zoo – which was AWESOME – I loved it! Aim, on the other hand, did not like it but she was very nice and let me run amuck taking pictures of eveything that moved. The zoo was built right into the side of a mountian so it had a spectacular view of the city below.


This lyon was amazing – you stand behind glass staring him right in the eye and wonder how fast it would take him to tear you to peices – it was an awesome experience!

This tiger was beautiful – I could have watched him all day long.

These shots pretty much sum up our views on the zoo experience – right Aim?

Aim took me to Garden of the Gods – which is not actually a Flower Garden but a Rock Garden. Who knew!

These pictures were taken as we were driving around. Colorado is a really beautiful place – Almost as beautiful as Washington 😉 By the way Aim almost hit Bambi here.


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Last Family Meal…For Now


We had Dinner as a family one last time before David and Suie went back to LA.


 We had a really great time together and I am somewhat sad to see them go 😉


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Happy Birthday, Yesterday, Suie!!!






Happy Birthday My Suie!

I’m so glad mom and dad did not listen to me when I

asked them to take you back to wherever they got you from 🙂

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Crazy Like a Fox


David demonstrating John Mayer’s talent – weird facial expressions


Do you see the glow radiating from the IPhone? Beautiful


Vean showing David the proper way to wear his new hat


Happy Birthday David! We love you!

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