The Thanksgiving Egg Debacle

First off, debacle is a weird word. Second, here’s a random picture of a really rad pumpkin.

Now to the eggs. So, I’ve never really been good at cooking. Before I got sick, I really enjoyed baking. But I have NEVER been good at cooking. I try and I fail a lot more times than I ever succeed. For thanksgiving I decided to try and make a really easy deviled egg recipe.

So, the night before our big day I stared the 50 minute process. Who knew eggs took so long. I mixed up all the ingredients and was ready to stuff the eggs or whatever you call that process. I noticed the mixture smelled really bad, which is interesting because I have no sense of smell. I thought it was just the cream cheese which contained onions and chives. Then I looked back at the recipe for the tenth time and noticed that it said 1\4 cup cream cheese and not 8oz like I had thought. The recipe said 1\4 cup from 8oz container. Who says that? Why would you write 8oz if you only intended 1\4 cup? Anyways, I had to throw the whole thing out because it was so bad! I tried to scrape the horrible taste off my tongue, blah!

I then decided to try again with normal cream cheese. I made another dozen eggs, mixed the ingredients together, and was ready to stuff. I tasted the mixture and was shocked to find out that it tasted horrendous again! By this time I really needed my mouth cleaned out. So gross! Ahhhhh! I realized I had put way to much yellow mustard powder! I am normally a detail oriented person but apparently not when I am trying to cook. So I gave up on the dumb eggs and tried not to focus on how much time I had wasted on eggs of all things!

So, I let my mom make the stupid eggs, I was sick of eggs. She made them with no problems… until we realized that she had used the mustard powder with wheat. (I believe she did this on purpose to get back at me for wasting so many eggs šŸ˜‰

She felt horrible and made more eggs so that I could have some with our dinner. By that time I was so sick of eggs, I only ate one. What waste of a whole lot of eggs!!!

Well that’s the end of the Great Egg Debacle of 2010. Lesson Learned – I need to hire a personal chef.

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One Response to The Thanksgiving Egg Debacle

  1. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh, this post was hilarious! Some might even say it was “egg”cellent. šŸ™‚

    I’ll be your personal chef if you move to Colorado!

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