Dress Up Day

One of the many joys of working at a preschool is opportunity to dress up.


It is very difficult to get 14 three year olds to

1. look at the camera 2. stand still and not touch everyone around them 3. smile


We attempted to have a parade for their parents but the kids didn’t quite get the point, hence their bewildered expressions.


They did have fun though, which is evident here by Buzz Lightyear chasing Cinderella who is chasing James the Train (Who by the way, would like to BE a train when he grows up).


My favorite picture of the day – A deflated M&M, Spiderman (note the muscles), and Snow White, all wait patiently for their turn on the tire swing.


I was an ER Doctor for the morning. I waited until the last minitue to get my costume and this is all they had left. Well, I guess I should say it was the only thing left that would not scare little children or their parents for that matter. The srcubs were one size fits all, which basically meant that if you were six feet tall and weighed about 250 they would have fit you. I’m not quite sure which ER doctors they modeled the hat after, it was a combination of a hair net and a shower cap. 

It was a great day! I had a lot of fun and so did the kids 🙂

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4 Responses to Dress Up Day

  1. Leila says:

    Sarah, what cute pictures! I loved the deflated M&M, too. I admire the girl who wants to be a green M&M instead of a Disney princess :). And you looked great – not anything like a six foot, 250 pound scary doctor.

  2. Charissa says:

    Sarah! I love the pictures! How fun. I definitely like the picture of you…what a sassy ER doctor/preschool teacher! It looks like you had too much fun with the dress up day, and the kids look super cute.

  3. Paging Dr Zimmer. Apparently George Clooney wants to talk to you about how to properly where scrubs!

  4. Andrea Hill says:

    Looking at all these pictures, makes me miss my preschool job that I had at Lakewood.

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