Introducing Freemont

A couple months back I killed Perry Van Winkle – my car of four years. It was a Monday and I was on my way to work. I was about to get on the freeway. On my right a man was getting in his car and the car in front of me swerved around him and I did the same to make sure that I did not hit him. The next thing I know, I am plowing in to the lady in front of me. I was not going very fast but it completely smashed the front of Perry. The Lord really protected us both because the only thing that happened to her car was that I punched a small hole in her bumper. That small hole cost me $1500 out of pocket but the lady was very nice and allowed me to pay in installments.

It was very hard to trust the Lord because I had no ideas how I was going to pay her and fix Perry. The more he was dissembled the more problem were found. Trusting God is one of the things that I constantly learning. I want to be in control of everything and this situation did not allow for me to be in control of anything.

I started getting advice on what type of car I should purchase and was about ready to go to the bank for a car loan when I found out that someone might let me have their car. I was very relieved but when I went to call them they said that someone else was going to take it. I was so confused as to why God would have me find out about it and then take it away so quickly. However, by this time he had given me peace about the whole situation. I got a phone call from Jesse Germick, who was attempting to fix Perry for me, saying his father would like to buy Perry from me! My smashed up totaled Perry was going to make me some money. I can not tell you how shocked I was! The Lord had provided me with enough money to pay the last payment to the lady I hit with the sale of the car that hit her. I received another call from Charissa Lugg’s boss, the one with the free car, saying the guy never came to pick up the car so I could have it. My dad and I drove all the way out to Sammamish to pick it up and prayed the whole way there that it would make it back to Marysville. When we arrived at his house we were not sure if he was really serious about giving us the car for free. He was very gracious and was going to charge us some money but he had found out some problems with the car and so he just let us have it. In all the car has cost me about $700 which is way better that buying a new car! I am very thankful that the Lord is in control. He continues to bless me with more that I deserve!

My friend Aim thought I should name the car Freemont because I kept calling it my Free Car – hence the name Freemont. I was going to put pictures up of Perry but I cannot figure out how to get them off my phone – so if anyone knows how, could you let me know.

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4 Responses to Introducing Freemont

  1. skh says:

    Why do girls always feel compelled to name their car?

  2. Sarah Z says:

    It’s not just girls who name their cars. I know a few boys who have named their cars.

    Naming my car brings a little more joy to my dull boring life!

  3. Bethann says:

    Hurray for Freemont! That’s a great name. My poor car still doesn’t have a name. I don’t know if it will consent to drive me all the way across the country in a few weeks if it doesn’t have a name. I’d better get my creative juices flowing. 🙂

  4. Leila says:

    I never wanted to be the person who named cars…it seems very odd to me (hello, they’re not alive!), but just as I was thinking that, I realized we own “Dent,” (Andy’s Car…not that anyone needed that clarification), and “LRC” (or, “little red car,” which doesn’t really count as a name, but…). Maybe I should name it Uriah Heep or something.

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