The Thanksgiving Egg Debacle

First off, debacle is a weird word. Second, here’s a random picture of a really rad pumpkin.

Now to the eggs. So, I’ve never really been good at cooking. Before I got sick, I really enjoyed baking. But I have NEVER been good at cooking. I try and I fail a lot more times than I ever succeed. For thanksgiving I decided to try and make a really easy deviled egg recipe.

So, the night before our big day I stared the 50 minute process. Who knew eggs took so long. I mixed up all the ingredients and was ready to stuff the eggs or whatever you call that process. I noticed the mixture smelled really bad, which is interesting because I have no sense of smell. I thought it was just the cream cheese which contained onions and chives. Then I looked back at the recipe for the tenth time and noticed that it said 1\4 cup cream cheese and not 8oz like I had thought. The recipe said 1\4 cup from 8oz container. Who says that? Why would you write 8oz if you only intended 1\4 cup? Anyways, I had to throw the whole thing out because it was so bad! I tried to scrape the horrible taste off my tongue, blah!

I then decided to try again with normal cream cheese. I made another dozen eggs, mixed the ingredients together, and was ready to stuff. I tasted the mixture and was shocked to find out that it tasted horrendous again! By this time I really needed my mouth cleaned out. So gross! Ahhhhh! I realized I had put way to much yellow mustard powder! I am normally a detail oriented person but apparently not when I am trying to cook. So I gave up on the dumb eggs and tried not to focus on how much time I had wasted on eggs of all things!

So, I let my mom make the stupid eggs, I was sick of eggs. She made them with no problems… until we realized that she had used the mustard powder with wheat. (I believe she did this on purpose to get back at me for wasting so many eggs 😉

She felt horrible and made more eggs so that I could have some with our dinner. By that time I was so sick of eggs, I only ate one. What waste of a whole lot of eggs!!!

Well that’s the end of the Great Egg Debacle of 2010. Lesson Learned – I need to hire a personal chef.

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I am so Thankful for:


My Family! They are Awesome!

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2010 Update

Well, it has been quite awhile since I have updated this thing so here are two of the most exciting things that have happened this year.

My Niece Penelope Mae was born

She is four months old now and I cannot wait to see her next month.

There is nothing like being an Aunt!

Another great part of the year was my Brother David’s engagement

to the wonderful Julie Zeller.

A new sister and new niece. I am very blessed.

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Year of the Celiac

A whole New Year! I am actually excited to start this year, as opposed to other years where I was apathetic at the beginning because it’s hard to be excited when you are dealing with the unknown. The fact that my future is unknown and uncertain still remains the same but I have hope in the future.


I have been sick for a couple months now, for one of those months I spent most of my time in bed. It was very difficult for me to be so weak and to have to miss so much work. The pain would not ease and the doctors did not find the source right away so I had to go through very unpleasant inconclusive tests.


A couple times during that month I felt pretty low, I was not sure if I was passing the trial. I have always struggled with trust; I like to be in control as much as I can and it was hard to have to put my life in the doctor’s hands, especially when they did know what was wrong with me! I was asked to rate my pain, on a scale of one to ten, about a hundred times. How do I know what it should be rated at? I’ve never been in this type of pain before but I feel like those who have cancer, who have been burned, who are in labor, or in some other traumatic state should have full reign of the higher numbers. I just wanted an answer and with each inconclusive test came discouragement and questions of my own sanity. Was it all in my head? It couldn’t be because I couldn’t even stand up straight.


On December 18th I finally had my answer. A nurse called me and told me I had Celiac Disease and that the doctor would call later that day. At first there was total panic because I had never heard of that and the nurse didn’t really tell me a whole lot about it. After a search on the Internet I found out that the disease is autoimmune, which means that my body is attacking itself! So much for being in control! I can’t even stop my own body from attacking itself. When I eat gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, barley) my immune system attacks my small intestine and destroys it. There is no special pill or cure for Celiac Disease, the only way to fight it is to change your diet.


I am very grateful for such a quick diagnosis when many people have gone years and sometimes decades before they were diagnosed. This whole process has been an emotional seesaw. I feel guilty for my lack of trust and thankful I have an answer. I feel even guiltier for feeling overwhelmed with this disease when people are struggling every day with cancer.


Throughout this process I have had a lot of time to think on my lack of trust in God. What is so crazy is that God made me and saved me and allowed me to have Celiac Disease. He is the same God who “laid the foundation of the earth” and who has “commanded the morning since [my] days began”. Who am I to ask what his plan is when I have never “walked in the recesses of the deep” or “seen the storehouses of the snow” (Job 38). He’s the one who set up the march of the penguins out in the middle of the frozen tundra, if he can take care of them then he can definitely provide me with some good gluten free food.


So this is the year that I want to do a whole lot more in terms of communicating with my Creator and Sustainer. I want to dive into all that God has for me and trust Him for my future. Instead of setting my sights on a simple star when he is offering the whole galaxy! I want to let go of whatever I think I am holding onto and cling to Him. I want to ask Him to change me even though it might be painful because I need Him to make me a lot more like Himself and nothing like what I am now. He has graciously given me this disease and has shown me that it is just a stepping-stone to greater heart changes in the future. 

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Dress Up Day

One of the many joys of working at a preschool is opportunity to dress up.


It is very difficult to get 14 three year olds to

1. look at the camera 2. stand still and not touch everyone around them 3. smile


We attempted to have a parade for their parents but the kids didn’t quite get the point, hence their bewildered expressions.


They did have fun though, which is evident here by Buzz Lightyear chasing Cinderella who is chasing James the Train (Who by the way, would like to BE a train when he grows up).


My favorite picture of the day – A deflated M&M, Spiderman (note the muscles), and Snow White, all wait patiently for their turn on the tire swing.


I was an ER Doctor for the morning. I waited until the last minitue to get my costume and this is all they had left. Well, I guess I should say it was the only thing left that would not scare little children or their parents for that matter. The srcubs were one size fits all, which basically meant that if you were six feet tall and weighed about 250 they would have fit you. I’m not quite sure which ER doctors they modeled the hat after, it was a combination of a hair net and a shower cap. 

It was a great day! I had a lot of fun and so did the kids 🙂

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The Pumpkin Patch

I have the best five-hour-a-week job ever! I get to hang out with 14 3 year old’s every week. Here are some shots from our recent field trip to Craven Farms in Snohomish WA.









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Scott & Sharon’s Wedding

For more pictures from Scott & Sharon’s Wedding go to:

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